Rec 8

Snakes and ladders – Alvira (PG-13)

Sixteen years after he last clapped eyes on the Boy Who Lived To Be A Thorn In Draco Malfoy’s Side, Draco is filling Snape’s old shoes with aplomb. History, though, has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Draco has his comfortable existance turned topsy-turvy with the appearance at Hogwarts of Harry’s son, who turns out to be able disrupt Draco’s life with as much competency as his father.

I love these post-Hogwarts stories! Harry’s kid goes to Hogwarts, Draco is a potions master, Harry and Draco meet after a long long time, things happen, hihihi. I love Wystan Potter, propably the best child character in my history of fangirlism Easy and charming story!

Recs 7

PhoenixSong – Eclipse (R/K-15)
”You’re dead, Potter… I’m going to make you pay…” Draco swore his revenge on Harry for Lucius’s imprisonment, and Harry all but laughed at him. But Draco is planning more than schoolyard pranks this time. The old rivalry turns deadly when Draco abducts Harry for Voldemort. It’s the perfect plan, guaranteeing revenge, power, and prestige, all in one blow. But, when Draco�s world turns upside down, the fight to save himself and Harry begins, and the battle will take them both through hell and back. If they come back.
This is propably the best H/D ever written and I believe many of you agree. Breathtaking, elaborate. Gets under your skin.  Characters are very much themselves and it’s pure pleasure to read how they evolve throughout the story. The idea about how Harry is a prison behind the bars and Draco inside his own mind is narrated plausibly and this story really makes you think about life. OMG. I have read this many many many times and still it makes my skin tingle every time. Perfection.

Plumeria – Draco in Darkness (PG-13/K-13)

Draco is blinded my quiddich accident, but one day Harry offers to help him with homework and you can guess the rest of the story. Nice, easy, makes you smile.

Rhysenn – Irresistible Poison (PG-13/K-13)

So, Draco wants to be invisible and makes a potion. Something goes wrong and he ends up doing a love potion instead. This is my other favourite story, so amazing it’s impossible to describe. I cried, screamed and laughed during reading the story. You just have to experience it yourself!

Rhysenn has other great stories also, you can find them in her home page. 

Dragongirl16 – Faith (R/K-15)

Gryffindors turn back to Harry and he makes new friends in Slytherin, while Voldemort is getting even more powerful than before.

This is somehow very very good. Maybe it’s the Harry/Draco, maybe it’s the plot that really got me, or maybe it’s just that I really appreciate how Dragongirl has managed to mix the Harry Potter’s world and ancient celtic myths so fine. This story is gloomy, intriguing, and agonizing, but still it makes you smile, because there is always hope. I love Severus and Draco.

Rec 6

Bare Feet, Giant Squid, and One Perfect Moment – small gardens (PG)

Gryffindor may be the House of the brave but Harry’s feeling a bit nervous. It’s one thing to face a dragon or a Dark Lord. It’s quite another to make a move on the bloke who’s been your nemesis for the last eight years…

Rec 5

Practicing liars – Lomonaaeren (R)
AU of HBP. Harry found out that he was Snape’s son two years ago, and he’s carefully concealed it. But now Snape is his Defense teacher, and Draco Malfoy is up to something, and Dumbledore is dying, and the final battle is coming up, and everything is getting very, very complicated.
Severitus and Harry/Draco

OMG. So this is Severitus (Snape is Harry’s biological father) but also Harry/Draco. I understand if Severitus is not your cup of tea but I recommend to give it a chance. This is long, but very much worth to read. Characters and relationships between them are believable, Lomonaaren managed to create her own version of HBP book among the hodge-podge of teenage relationships – and it really works. My pleasure!

Rec 4

Scurrilous – arineat (PG-13)
When Potter starts behaving more oddly than usual, Draco has no choice but to take an interest. After all, it’s his job. Sort of.

A bit different Harry/Draco. Harry has a pet shop in Diagon Alley and Draco works in a wizard radio. Fluffy and easy, Harry’s odd behavior is hilarious and Draco is just sweet trying to figure out what is the matter with Harry.

Recs 3

Good to me (and I’d be so good to you) – AWickedMemory (S)
Everyone returns to Hogwarts after the war, but nothing is quite the same. Harry’s groupies are creepier than ever, Ron and Hermione are snogging all over the place, and the once-proud Draco is shuffling around like a kicked puppy. But that’s okay: Harry’s got a plan.

Short, but funny and cute.

A Time to Move On –  sesheta_66 (K-15)
With the war behind them, and wounds still raw, the students at Hogwarts try to work out what their futures might hold for them, and perhaps recapture a little of their lost youth along the way.

Love comes tumbling – taradiane (K-18)
’Harry’s thoughts were of how much he would have done differently with Malfoy over the years, and of Dumbledore’s final words to the other boy . . . ”It is my mercy, and not yours, that matters now.” Maybe, Harry wondered, he could find some mercy, too, and give Malfoy the second chance that Dumbledore had believed him worthy of.’


One Harry Potter, please (seduced and ready) – faithwood (K-18)
All Draco wants is Harry Potter’s friendship, just to make his new Auror job more bearable. However, after Harry stubbornly pays more attention to his secret admirer, Draco is forced to resort to drastic measures.

How I loved this! Draco is cute with his hopeless crush on Harry and this fic just makes you groan with frustration, laugh many many times and love the boys, hot sex and fantastic dialogues.

Recs 2

Animus nexus – MystyVander (NC-17)
It’s Eighth Year at Hogwarts and it seems Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy hate each other more than ever before. Everybody is sick of it. Somebody was tired of the two enough to curse them, binding them together. What at first appears to be a death sentence to both Harry and Draco turns out to be the thing the both of them needed the most.

Reparo – amalin (K-18)
Voldemort’s final defeat does not mean Harry Potter’s troubles are over; far from it. In the aftermath of war, he returns to a Hogwarts that is fractured and divided, but this is no break that can be fixed with a spell. New owls, fading scars, surprising alliances– and along the way, the hardest task of all, to live with it..

Moving on – Lampsprite (K-18)
An Eighth Year fic in which Draco transforms and Harry finally comes back from the dead. It’s time to move on.

Eight year fic again, still WIP. Maybe one of the best Harry/Draco fics I’ve read in years. Splendid dialogues, slowly moving feelings and reasons behind them, fantastically built post-war wizarding world.

Holly and Hawthorn, Thistle and Thyme
– small_gardens (K-13)
After the war, Harry can’t shake the feeling that something is very wrong with him and he has a terrible feeling he knows what that “something” might be. He has a terrible feeling Malfoy might know, too.

OMG OMG. H/D, post-war, harrowing, moving, excellent.


Sand castles and fingerpaints by Kudra K-15
Post-war, post-Hogwarts: Harry and Draco meet up at a Ministry celebration, and wackiness ensues.

The very first sentence made me laugh and tough this fic is not ”excellent” it’s still funny and nice little piece of fanfic.

Two to a tent by mayberry rose K-15
The War is over, and Harry has learned a lot – camping is awful, nightmares are worse, and Malfoy is a git.

Eight year fic again and a true ”popcorn fanfic”, easy and enjoyable.


Azoth by zeitgeistic NC-17

Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

Pure gold.

Helix – Saras_girl NC-17
Seven months after the end of the war, Harry is feeling lost. Fortunately, he is about to be offered an unexpected and sparkling chance to find himself again.

Aftermath – cello-of-doom NC-17 (sexual abuse)
Harry returns to Hogwarts to finish his education but there have been a few changes – the most important of which is a Slytherin in the Gryffindor dorms and a teacher who is acting suspiciously.

OMG. Amazing!

Get some – Sara Holmes NC-17
Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently after the war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn’t seem to care about his hero status.

The Standard You Walk Past – bafflinghaze NC-17
On returning to Hogwarts for their Eighth Year, Headmistress McGonagall decided to room Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter together. She may have hoped for a leading example of house unity; the other students fully expected insults and fights. But nothing happened.

That was, until Harry sleepwalked into Draco’s bed.

How I love these 8th year fics! Fluffy!

A dream of running water – Lomonaaeren R
Driven nearly mad by his bitterness against the Dark Lord, Draco becomes a spy for the Order of the Phoenix. The device they sneak him to aid in his reports has unpredictable side-effects—like allowing Draco to dream of a landscape with a river running through it. That would be soothing, if Potter wasn’t there.